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7 Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Furniture

  1. Napkin Covers:


Though this idea sounds a little bit weird, but it is quite useful and many people actually use it. Napkins get ruined pretty quickly and to throw away the leftover is just waste. Instead, napkins could be used to create covers for smaller pillows of the furniture. To add to the point, curtains could also be trimmed to create a design and the leftover fabric could be used to supplement the napkins.

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Deuxième Debut

At Deuxième Debut, we believe that conformity is boring. That to be truly interesting, you have to have lived a little. Our furniture is like that.  
Our peices have been around the block. They’ve known the heartbreak of abandonment and some had been left to descend into decrepitude, but it was clear to us that each still had a soul… and a story to tell.

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