An elegant lady back to her full splendour

As years go by, I initially had a problem with attending estate sales.  I couldn’t handle the disrespect people showed during these sales.  Clothing thrown around on the floor, cold attitude towards the furniture.  To me, every item in the home had a history. 

It was once loved and cherished by the person who had lived in that home. The haggling, the arguing over things, to me showed disrespect.  So, for a long awhile, I stopped attending estate sales. 
Then I started thinking that I don’t have to be “those” people.  In my own way, I can show respect to the home, the person who had once loved and cherished and enjoyed their things. 
This leads us to a very elegant lady.  A friend’s mother had passed away.  Even though I had not known the friend’s mom, I was still sadden at hearing about the loss. 
My friend asked me if I would like to see some of the items in the home, and if I would be interested in purchasing anything.  This friend knew what I did.  She knew I would be respectful and fair.  Not take advantage of the situation.
 My friend grew up with this lovely lady.  She told me how, as a young girl,  she stripped the dresser from years of paint.  How special this piece was to her, with alot of memories.  Of course,  the tears started flowing.  I asked if she was sure she wanted to sell it.  My friend said yes, as she simply did not have the room to keep it.
This lovely lady is now in our atelier.  Being admired.  Slowly, with love and care, being redone to bring her back to the beautiful lady she once was.