7 Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Furniture

  1. Napkin Covers:


Though this idea sounds a little bit weird, but it is quite useful and many people actually use it. Napkins get ruined pretty quickly and to throw away the leftover is just waste. Instead, napkins could be used to create covers for smaller pillows of the furniture. To add to the point, curtains could also be trimmed to create a design and the leftover fabric could be used to supplement the napkins.

  1. Dresser update:

Having problems with the dresser? Well there are many updates that could be done in order to solve the problem. If the drawer handles are broken then door knobs or handle bars could be used in the place. If you’ve got many of them, you can replace them all. They are both strong and beautiful. If the body of the dresser has gone bad then covering it all up with pages will also give it an authentic touch. Repaint the dresser if covering with pages does not suit you. Adding brass corners to the book shelf is also found very beneficial in case of dresser repairs.


  1. Paint or stain:

Having something to cover up? Painting is the best option available at hand. If the object is already painted the repainting it to cover the flaws is no harm. If you are short on budget then using chalkboard board pain is one great option. If the cheap paint is still not feasible then spray painting the entire thing is much more cheaper since it covers it all in much less paint. If the object is too big to cover then just paint stains should suffice.


  1. Mirrors:

Another great idea to cover things up is by using mirrors. But care must be taken that they break pretty easily so expensive glass could be a bit costly for your budget. Also overdoing it might make the place look weird. Too much of reflection is not appreciated if not done properly by professionals.


  1. Fabric:

Cover with fabric. Purchasing new, costly, smooth fabric is not recommended as the cost might go beyond your budget. The best option here is to use what’s already available at hand.


  1. Reuse pieces:

If some part of furniture is broken beyond repair then they could replaced by something sitting lonely in the garbage pile. Cheap and effective solution.


  1. Stencil:

Speaking of cheap and effective solutions, stencils are easily available and are very cheap and durable. So using stencils to re-innovate and fix the furniture is a great idea.